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Ian's Silly Hat Mama and  his Silly Hat Papa, One night, after a candlelight dinner...  Oh nevermind.

Let's try this again.

It's a story about birds and bees...  um....

How about this:

Let's just skip to when Ian started playing children's songs on his guitar.  It was after his son Troy was born, and when Troy was old enough to enjoy Raffi CDs and Videos.  Silly Hat Ian grew up listening to Raffi, and to this day, whenever he enters a corner grocery store, he looks for cheese walkin' on their knees and plums twiddling their thumbs.  Ian was thrilled to see Troy enjoying the same music.  Tingalayo quickly became one of Troy's favourites.  Ian learned how to play all of the classic children's songs like Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little and Old MacDonald Had A Farm and when he became confident in playing children's music for his son on his guitar, a string of thoughts when through his mind:

- Why is the sky blue?

- Why is that everyone has to wear pants?

(Kidding - the following is what went through his mind)

- Hey, I should play these songs for my Nephew Aidan who also loves Music!

- Hey, I should play these songs at Troy's Daycare and invite Aidan (who was normally at home with his mama) to attend!

- Hey, If I'm going to do a concert, I want it to be an interactive show and really have fun with it!

- Hey, I LOVE SILLY HATS, and kids do too!

- Hey, If I'm going to do this, I want to videotape it to save it as a nice memory!

- Hey, If I'm going to record it, I'd like two video cameras so I can shoot myself with one and get reaction shots of the kids with the other, and then edit it!

- I wonder if the local TV station would be interested in airing something like this?
(They were!  And they aired it 6 times!)

- Hey, If I'm going to have an hours worth of air time for this, I should do some good with it and work in asking the viewers to donate to the Kids With Cancer Society!

The rest as they say, is silly hat history.


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